What Strength Flava Should I Choose?

There are many factors that contribute to the strength of a nicotine pouch beside the nicotine content e.g type of nicotine, release of the nicotine, PH level, moisture level, salt content, flavour and size (surface area). Most nicotine pouches are labelled as mg/g however this can be misleading as it this is totally dependant on the weight of a pouch and does not take into account all the above factors.

Our team of nicotine experts have designed Flava by optimising all the above factors and we label our products as mg/pouch to be 100% transparent to our customers.

Please see our Strength chart below: 

LIGHT (4mg/Pouch)

For people looking to reduce their nicotine intake.

MEDIUM (6mg/Pouch)

For very light smokers or vapers.

STRONG (10mg/Pouch)

For regular smokers or vapers. Our extensive research has shown regular smokers and vapers found this strength the perfect fit when swapping cigarettes and vaping for flava nicotine pouches. A lot of new users stated they got the nicotine buzz they needed from this strength and did not crave a cigarette or vape.

X-STRONG (16mg/Pouch)

This is an extra strong product and we only advise for the most experienced nicotine pouch users!

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